Beta 0.14.0 was an update for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition. It was released on February 18, 2016.

Additions Edit

General Edit

  • Achievements

Mobs Edit

  • Witches

Redstone Phase 2 Edit

  • Droppers
  • Redstone Comparators
  • Redstone Repeaters
  • All Varieties of Minecarts
  • Hoppers
  • Dispensers

Blocks & Items Edit

  • Maps
    • Can be upgraded through an Anvil
  • Red Sandstone
    • All Varieties
  • Cauldrons
    • Can hold Potions
  • Witch Spawn Egg
  • Slime Block
    • Can rarely spawn in Swamp Biomes
  • Item Frames
    • Will behave as blocks, not block entities

Inventory Editing Only Edit

  • Camera
  • Ender Pearls

Generated Structures Edit

  • Witch Huts
  • Mimecart with Chests will now generate in Abondoned Mineshafts

Skin Pack Edit

  • Redsrone Specialists Skin Pack

Tweaks Edit

General Edit

  • Survival Mode Interface in Creative Mode
  • Smoother Auto-Jump/Auto Climb
  • Dropping items in Creative

Mobs Edit

  • Zombies have a chance to spawn on Passive Mobs as Jockeys

Blocks & Items Edit

  • Pumpkins and Mob Heads can now be worn
  • Trapped Chests will form a double Trapped Chest when two are placed side by side.
  • Leather Armor can now be dyed
    • Can be dyed through Cauldrons
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