Update 0.15.0, A.K.A. (The Friendly Update) was an update to Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition that was released on June 13, 2016 for all platforms.



  • Minecraft Realms
  • Texture Packs

Redstone Phase 3Edit

  • Pistons
  • Sticky Pistons
    • Version Exclusive: The neck of the Piston has a broader base
    • Version Exclusive: Levers can be placed on Pistons
    • Version Exclusive: Can push Block Entities
  • Observer Block

Blocks & ItemsEdit

  • Horse Armor
    • Version Exclusive: Can be crafted with Leather
    • Version Exclusive: Can be dyed using Cauldrons
  • Carrot on a Stick
  • Fire Charges
  • Name Tags
  • All naming easter eggs
  • Leads
  • Tipped Arrows
    • Version Exclusive: Created by dipping arrows in potion-filled Cauldrons

Spawn EggsEdit

  • Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg
  • Horse Spawn Egg
  • Mule Spawn Egg
  • Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg
  • Zombie Horse Spawn Egg
  • Donkey Spawn Egg
  • Husk Spawn Egg
  • Stray Spawn Egg


  • Horses
  • Skeleton Horse Traps
  • Husks
  • Stray

Food Edit

  • Raw Mutton
  • Cooked Mutton

Generated Structures Edit

  • Biome Based Villages
  • Abandoned Villages
  • Jungle Temples


  • Anti-Aliasing Option



  • Version Exclusive: Changing the player's username to "Dinnerbone" or "Grumm" will flip the player upside down.
  • New Home Screen Layout.


  • Pigs can now be ridden.
  • Saddles can now be used to ride Pigs and Horses.
  • Eating Particles and Sounds for Passive Mobs.
  • Updated Skeleton AI.
  • Endermen now spawn in the Nether.

Blocks and ItemsEdit

  • Cauldrons and Hoppers can now be stood inside.
  • Maps can now be crafted with 8 Paper and 1 Compass.
  • Trapdoors don't need blocks on any of their sides to be placed.
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