A Chest is a container that the Player can use to store items.

Use Edit

Player-built Chests can store the Player's items, and can also be used to sort it as well, with the help of a few Redstone contraptions. Naturally generated Chests contaon valuable loot such as Diamonds, Name Tag, and Horse Armor. When two Chests are placed side by side, and facing the same direction, it will create a Large Chest or "Double Chest", which can store twice the items a regular Chest can hold.

Crafting Edit

8 Wooden Planks > 1 Chest

1 Chest + 1 Tripwire Hook > 1 Trapped Chest

1 Chest + 1Minecart > 1 Minecart with Chest

GUI Edit

The Chest's GUI contains 27 slots, that can store up to 1728 possible items that are stackable. Double Chests hace 54 slots, that can store 3456 stackable items.

Trivia Edit

  • When Chests are renamed using an Anvil, the Chest's new name will appear at the tip of the Chest's GUI.
  • Chests can be equiped by Donkeys and Mules, when doing so the Mule's/Donkey's inventory will show.
  • Chests are often confused as Trapped Chests.