A Dispenser is a block that "dispenses" items, like the dropper. But unlike the Dropper the Dispenser can also use certain items.

Usage Edit

The Dispenser can drop items when powered by a redstone signal. And it can also do certain activities with certain items. For example, it can shoot projectiles, such as Arrows, Eggs, Splash Potions, etc. It can also use certain tools, such as Flint and Steel, and Buckets.

GUI Edit

The Dispenser's GUI consists of 9 slots, in which the Player can place items manually, or through Hoppers and Droppers.

Recipe Edit

1 Redstone Dust + 1 Bow + 7 Cobblestone => 1 Dispenser


Trivia Edit

  • Dispensers are often confused as Droppers by new Players.
  • The Dispensers' texture looks like as if it has a face.
  • The Dispensers' texture also changes when placed upwards or downwards.


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