Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is a game created by Mojang AB and Microsoft Studios that was released on July 29, 2015.


Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is very similar to PC/Mac editions of the game, but all of its features are ported from Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Basic ControlsEdit

  • W, A, S, D to walk around (press W twice very quickly to sprint)
  • Move mouse to look around
  • E to open the Inventory
  • Q to drop items
  • 1-9 to access different inventory slots
  • Esc to pause game and/or leave menus
  • Right click to select an option, navigate the Main Menu, etc.
  • Middle click to pick blocks.

Advanced ControlsEdit

  • F1 to hide GUI
  • F2 to take screenshot
  • F5 to enter Third Person View
  • F11 to enter/exit Fullscreen Mode
  • Alt + 21 (on Number Pad) to type §
  • Win+Alt+R to record gameplay footage (only works on powerful computers)


Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is the Top Paid App on the Windows Store.

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