How articles are written on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Wiki greatly reflect the community, so the pages must always be kept in a very high standard.

Neutral POV

It is very important to use a Neutral Point of view (Neutral POV) whilst writing articles. This means that words like I, you, we, us etc. should not be used in official pages. This can be dismissed when writing Blogs, or User Subpages.

Different Page types

Official ArticlesEdit

These are pages such as Redstone or Painting. These pages should always be kept formal and must not contain any Grammar or English mistakes. Removing a page's formality can be counted as vandalism if it is done persistently.

User BlogsEdit

The Blogs are a place where you can share information, show off creations, create polls etc. Do not use the Blogs to harass a user.


Each user has a Sandbox section in their profile. These are your playground. You can test code, post pictures, create article drafts, the lot. Please do not use these to harass another person.

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